Fan: It’s Useful During Summer

Summer has come. Of course, the weather is very hot. I think you will not stand in hot weather. The air temperature in summer can make you get dry and not fresh. You will often feel thirsty, tired, and lazy. You need freshness in your home. How do you get freshness? It is simple. You can use fan in your home.

Fan is a kind of home appliance that used to give freshness. Fan is the substitution of air conditioner. Some people can’t afford of purchasing air conditioner because it is rather expensive. So that fan is suitable for the people who have low budget. Fan has become the favorite choice of home appliance because of the low price and its function.

Fan has many kind of designs. In earlier time, the people use embroidery fan. It includes a handcraft. We use the embroidery fan by holding and driving it with our hand. Of course, it is not practical. So that many people prefer using electric fan that available in the electric appliance shops. They sell the products from lowest price until highest price. It is depend on the design of fan. There are portable electric fan, ceiling fan, exhaust fan, industrial fan. In order to make you understand clearly, I would like to give explanation to you about many kind of fan designs.

1. Portable electric fan
It is a kind of fan designs that can be moved from one room to other room. Floor fan and table fan are included as portable electric fan. I think portable electric fan has the lowest price than other fan designs.

Home Interior, Fan: It’s Useful During Summer: Exhaust Fan DesignHome Interior, Fan: It’s Useful During Summer: Industrial Fan
2. Ceiling fan
Of course, this fan is installed in the ceiling. It can give coldness to the whole room because ceiling fan usually has big propeller.

3. Exhaust fan
This fan is usually installed in the window. It can be used as alternative air conditioning and provide ventilation.

4. Industrial fan
This fan is used in many companies and factories. It is used to ensure health and safety of employees and customers. This fan promotes fresh air and circulation.

That’s all about fan. Don’t forget to install fan in your home. And, you will get freshness during summer.

Glancing Chest of Drawer For Your Room

Do you want that your home look neat and beautiful? This is a much desired thing for any home design they desire. Neatness is a major factor in achieving the beauty of a home. You can create the neatness of the house in a way to store all your favorite items in one place. Most of you use chest of drawer to store all your favorite items or clothing. Even, you can store all the kitchen utensils in it. This usually can be put in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen.

In the bedroom, you can use a chest of drawer with various sizes and styles. You can also combine small chest on top of a large one. Suppose, you can use two small-sized chests of four big-sized chest of drawers. However, if you want to use the same size of chest of drawer, you can choose four levels of chest. For a small chest, you can use it to store socks, various make-up and accessories. While a large drawer, it can be used to store your clothes.

Chest of drawer has different function if you use it in the kitchen, dining room, and living room. It comes with a design of buffet or dresser that has big chest to store all the tools. In these rooms, you can save all the room’s accessories, kitchen utensils, and tableware. Currently, chest of drawer presents more modern and quite funky to meet the needs of your room. Some designs look incorporates bright colors that show the uniqueness of the chest of drawer. However, this still makes it as functional furniture in your home design.

Chest of drawer also offers easiness for your child to keep all their toys and stationery in one place. In this case, you can design chest of drawer in a few simple stacking. It can ease your child to reach and clean up their needs.